Monaco is a city that typically requires a 2 day itinerary. Honestly, a good way to tour Monaco, is via day trips from Nice. This way you can access various reasonably priced accommodations for a comfortable night stay in Nice. 

For me, Monaco really is not much about its culinary delights, exotic location or architecture, but rather it’s chic, overpriced, and sophisticated nightlife.

My top 5 picks for Monaco are:

The Monte Carlo Casino: The timing for the Casino is important! A day visit, is honestly a cheat visit. The night visit, is when you can you see the well-dressed people, fancy cars parked outside, and glimpse into the casino at play. So, when in Monaco, visit the casino in the night! What I remember from my visit, is that the Casino was built to support the dwindling state revenues, and still supports it to a large extent today!



Cafe de Paris: Definitely overpriced, but worth the visit for the people-watching privileges it grants. I visited Monaco as a student, so bought nothing more than a very expensive cappuchino.



Billionaire Sunset Lounge: Is great for a night drink, and sneak peak to the sophisticated night life



Musee Oceanographique de Monaco: This was inaugurated in 1910, by Prince Albert. Honestly, I feel that if you’ve been to the museums in Singapore, Dubai, or the US (California), this can be avoided. However, what makes the visit definitely worth the visit, are not the fishes but the stunning views of Monaco from the rooftop, and cafe.

A night walk across the city – which give a great view of the circuitous driving tracks popular during the Monaco grand prix


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