Annecy: The Venice of the Alps

I was working in Geneva for a short period of two months when I decided to make a day trip to Annecy. Visiting Annecy to me was like reading poetry. It is beautiful and grows on you with every step. The Venice of the Alps has much to offer. Outlined by the Swiss alps, Annecy holds in its cradle – the Lac D’Annecy, countless eateries of which I would recommend ones serving Saracen Crepes, narrow alleys and in the language of the Italians – Venetian canals.


The Palais de l’Isle is what captivated me the most. I guess the history buff in me, was just delighted to stand by the old castle that alternated between a courthouse and a mint up until the Second World War.

For the first few hours of my day trip, I just walked around the lake, and its various canals. The narrow alleys serenade you like the hand of a lady inviting you to an exotic place. The Italian connection what I learnt is not just about the canals. Annecy, was administered by the Counts of Geneva up until around the 1400s, and was then passed on to the great Savoy family of Italy. It was eventually sold to France around the 1860s.


Among the people in Annecy I encountered a bridesmaid, and her friends, who were distributing candies – I just had to take a picture with them. Their affable nature just screamed out the warm French hospitality to me.  P1000757.JPG

The Chateau d’Annecy is another masterpiece of French Architecture. Built sometime between the 12th – 16th century, it housed the counts of Geneva once upon a time. Today, it houses within it the museum of alpine art and future. The Chateau also provides a majestic view of Annecy from the top.


Apart from touring around the lake and the Chateau, I also made a quick entry to the neo-classical Notre-Dame de Liesse church. Its whit façade stood out in simplicity to the otherwise brightly coloured building and made me a curious visitor.


And now for the fun part-for the foodies, I would recommend the Crêperie La Bolée. Saracen crepes seemed more exotic to me – and upon tasting it, I realized I had made the right choice.


With that I ended spending a very lyrical day in Annecy. I shall always remember it as a poetic town in which I wished that one bride would remain happy forever.

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