Gili Islands: A trip beyond civilization

My trip to Gili Islands, was an accident, like is the experience with most people. You’re in Bali – when you discover that – Hey, Gili is this island, which is like about 2 hours away by boat, – People say that there are no cars, just bicycles and horses to move around – Sounds like fun..Well then,  lets go take a look!



Yes, Gili is that island which is removed from civilization. It doesn’t have cars. On parts away from the centre, the beaches are pristine – its just you and well, perhaps, the corals. While the corals make it fun for snorkeling, Swimming gets a bit tricky.


Gili has three islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Gili Trawangan is where the crowds are, the party is. Why I headed there, was rather a matter of accommodation. As my trip to Gili was sudden, I couldn’t find any hotels in the busy tourism season of August in Gili Meno and Gili Air. Gili Trawangan,  however accepted me, and I got the chance to stay at the Jasia Luxury resort – a cozy place which gave me a private pool and villa to myself.


Gili Trawangan can have its adventure. My adventure was bicycling on a rainy night, under the moonlight, only to be stopped by nothing other than a snake! Seeing a snake crawling on the road in front of me was scary, but then, as it is with most of my travels – the unknown, only helps me tame my fear better. Yes, I was scared when I saw the snake, and for a split second froze to near paralysis. But then, there was a fellow biker with me who just smiled and went past, inspiring me to do the same. Though I love travelling solo as well, travelling with friends, close friends, if you get the chance, make life so memorable – my memory of this trip was bicycling on a rugged, sandy road with an uncomfortable bike, a snake and Stefano!



As is with most of my blogs, I let pictures do most of the talking, but with this blog, just because we’re talking of Gili Islands, getting information about which is not easy, I’m adding a couple of pointer to make your stay more comfortable


  1. Getting to Gili Trawangan: If in Bali, one can take a speed boat from Padang Bai, Bali. Otherwise, its also possible to fly to Lombok, and take a speed boat from there.
  2. Activities: Undoutedly snorkeling, given the corals.
  3. Best Restaurant: Scallywag: The grilled sea-food has simply no parallel
  4. Stay: As there is no transport on the island, I’d recommend taking a place in the centre, for those who don’t like bicycling. Otherwise, there are some very nice resort slightly further from the centre, such as the Jasia, where I stayed



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