Kuching: Bako National Park

Alice: Why do we use a boat? 

The Rabbit: Depends. You can use it, to find the way back, or to charter to new territories. For shorter distances when you are lazy, or for a longer journey which you can’t undertake yourself 


Baku is a destination to which you take a boat; cause you can’t reach it otherwise. It’s a protected national park in Sarawak, which is pristine. Simply put: untouched. It’s beaches, and the wildlife are still in a state not fraught with the destructive footprints of mankind. 

Baku is a perfect weekend getaway. Pointers to arrange a easy visit are

Flights: Air Asia flies from Singapore on a Friday evening at 8 pm. It flies back from Kuching on Sunday at 6 pm. 

Time: Leave Kuching at 7 am to take the first boat to Baku, around 8 am. This way, you avoid the low river tide that’s sets in around 10. 

Stay: Overnight at the the Bako National Park. Click here to book. It is a very basic lodge, and some claim it to be smelly. I would recommend it, as it enables you to stay overnight, and get a sense of the flora and fauna in the night.  The food is very basic, but not as bad as people claim it to be.

Must do: The night walk at the Bako National Park. Wondering what it looks like?

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