Apoorva Anubhuti

A Program Manager in Google during the week, and a traveller in the weekend. That’s me. I don’t want to quit my job to pursue travel. Why? I would love to travel everyday BUT I like the opportunities work has given me to so far: live in different countries (India, Singapore, Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland), work in an international environment  (United Nations, Google), and save enough money to fund crazy travels (living with equatorial tribes in Borneo :)) That’s why I call my blog – the Turtle Diaries – I’m slow but steady in my pursuit of exploring the world

As a Noogler in Google:)
My earlier life: As an Associate Project Officer in a UN agency

Unfashionable as it may sound, I like reading and enjoyed studying as a kid. I hold an MBA from INSEAD, a Masters in International Law – University of Turin, Italy, and a double Bachelors – Law and Arts (Economics, Sociology, Political Science) from the National University of Juridical Sciences, India. Currently I can speak, English, Hindi and Italian. Would love to speak a fourth one someday 🙂

At INSEAD, pretending to be studying

Fond of photography, painting, and writing. I am an unpublished authour – and someday hope to get my book out. Currently based in Singapore, a quiet Sunday afternoon has me painting – like this


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Have similar interests, and wish to reach out to me? Sure 🙂

My email address: apoorva.anubhuti@insead.edu