Wish list 2019!


The importance of a plan: So its 2019, and I have one more year to travel, and see the world 🙂 An important learning from my MBA days, is to have a tracker or plan that defines your goals. While, you may not achieve all of it, you will achieve some of it! Its time to now start an inspirational wish-list for my travel adventures!

My wishlist for 2019: Ideally,  I want to visit 10 new countries 🙂 The issue with this, is that I may prioritize visiting a country over a specific place. Yet, if I know myself, I will land up prioritizing a place over a country.

With this in mind, here is the list of ~15 countries I wish to travel, so that I can visit a tleast 10 🙂

No Country Cities Why
1 Uzbekistan Smarkand
1. Reading the book the Silk Road that makes me dream about the ancient Silk Road.
2. The 3 cities, are some of the best in the world to give a sneak peak of the Silk Road, and ancient Persian architecture.
3. Plan: In a visit to Delhi, take a flight to Tashkent (2 and a half hours) plan a quick trip. to atleast one of the cities
2 Japan Tokyo
Mount Fiji, Kyoto
Living in Singapore, and not having visited Japan is reason enough. YOLO!
3 Vietnam Ho chi Minh City
Ha Long Bay
Living in Singapore, makes a weekend trip to Vietnam really possible!
4 New Zealand Milford Sound Lord of the Rings landscape
5 China Xian
Rainbow mountains
1. Curiosity about the Terracotta warriors and the great wall
2. Need to deepen knowledge about Chinese culture, and food
3. Explore unique landscape like the Rainbow mountains
6 Bhutan Paro Frequent trips to India, allow for a quick transition to Paro
7 Mexico Mexico Unique culture, food – enough said! (Deterrent: Safety)
8 Maldives TBC  Visit the island before it disappears!
9 Laos TBC 1. Living in Singapore, allows for a quick visit
2. Ideally do a long river cruise
10 Papua TBC Curiosity about the tribes, and island
11 Mongolia TBC Landscape and tribal way of life
12 Timor Leste TBC Possible to get done in a week
13 Canada TBC Possible to travel to Toronto, if one spends a weekend in SF
14 Nepal TBC Kathmandu, and possibly the Everest base camp hike
15 Bangladesh TBC 1. Sundarbans 2.  Dhaka